There's definitely something smart about the show's "Cobblepot Begins" storyline. Here's a character that's so iconic, but so utterly silly and non-scary. By reinventing him not as a portly little weirdo with a Mary Poppins umbrella or army of missile-launching penguins, but a creepy, hook-nosed wielder of small… » 9/30/14 8:41am Yesterday 8:41am

I had a very similar experience. It felt like this is what David Simon wanted to do all along with the Wire—expose the realities of urban life and sociopolitical injustice, and do it on a show that was full of excellent black actors. But without the grabby crime stuff, Treme just felt so self-important and plodding.… » 9/26/14 7:19am Friday 7:19am

Champions is so ungainly, and has some near-fatal flaws (like the fact that people often returned to consciousness mere moments after being knocked out, forcing ostensibly heroic characters to periodically stomp an unconscious foe's head into the ground, while discussing what to do next), but for pure customization,… » 9/23/14 9:19am 9/23/14 9:19am

I'm biased, since I absolutely hated the novel, but I don't think you'd actually want something that's particularly true to the source, in this case. A flat, boring narrator, endless taxonomies and observations that, in a movie, would require an eye-watering amount of exposition, none of which would be terribly… » 9/18/14 6:29am 9/18/14 6:29am

But does this really have anything to do with remakes? Or do certain engineers continue to talk about Star Trek because most of its tech is still completely far-fetched and ludicrous? I'd argue that to fill the same niche as, say, a tricorder, you'd have to come up with another property whose gadgets are equally… » 9/17/14 2:03pm 9/17/14 2:03pm

You know what also sucked? The corny apocalypse sound effects tossed into the audio mix, that don't seem to make the on-screen characters particularly tense, or worried about securing their situation. Noone's on looter lookout. They're all just ambling around, not so much tired as aimless. And when you get outside,… » 9/15/14 11:22am 9/15/14 11:22am