The same aroma comes up from Stripperella, the decade-old Pamela Anderson vanity project featuring animated crime-fighting stripper Erotica Jones. Everything about it felt half-assed and it had the added shame of making Stan seem like a dirty old man.

» 3/25/15 2:35pm Wednesday 2:35pm

It still amazes me that the comics-buying audience routinely finances Millar's bro-tastic, "yo, wouldn't it be craaaaazy..." thought experiments. I mean, maybe not amazement, so much as depression. Stupid Nemesis. Are we really just a bunch of snickering Beavises? » 3/25/15 10:54am Wednesday 10:54am

Since Gibson (as Cartagla pointed out) was already famous—or, I'd argue, more famous before The X-Files than he is now, since that massive Twitter following can't really compete with all of the press around his invention of the term cyberspace, etc.—the list isn't all that interesting: » 3/25/15 7:00am Wednesday 7:00am