Can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually think Toby Kebbell as Koba was much better. He was heart-breaking, terrifying, and his physical performance was incredible. Serkis had sort of an easier role, this time around, since his physicality was intentionally more human, and less chimp. Not saying he doesn't… » 11/07/14 8:51am 11/07/14 8:51am

Between this instilled eagerness and the game's extensive Pick 13 create-a-class feature, allowing players to build a soldier with just the right equipment, it's easy for lesser-skilled soldiers like myself to believe we can actually get the job done. And if that proves untrue, at least we're earning ranks and supply… » 11/06/14 3:59pm 11/06/14 3:59pm

If this article is of any use to you, you're not gaming right (IMO). One of the best things about great games, for tubby persons like me, is that you can blow past meals or standard snack times without noticing. Because dieting is always a great idea, right?!?! » 11/05/14 10:49am 11/05/14 10:49am

After Elysium, I'm super worried about this movie being any good, and about Blomkamp in general. Comedy is hard. It requires knowledge of when to be blunt, and when to have a light touch. Elysium was nothing but blunt, clumsy social protest, like listening to a rant from a college freshman who just started reading… » 11/04/14 6:47am 11/04/14 6:47am