I absolutely agree. But I also think At the Mountains of Madness is utterly unfilmable, as a live-action feature film. Lovecraft works best in relation to Lovecraft, and part of the brilliance of that story is that it cracks open the Mythos in a way that feels even more revelatory than Call of Cthulhu. If you try to… »8/16/13 9:47am8/16/13 9:47am


Does George Lucas Hate Metal People?

Am I a hypocrite? Of course! But I might be an extra special one, having written a post just two days ago about Esquire's trollish claim that Superman is a fascist, only to have a story the very next day on Slate, about the sad state of Star Wars' robotic slave caste. Characters like R2-D2, C-3PO, and even those… »6/20/13 4:29pm6/20/13 4:29pm

When Non-Nerds Troll: Esquire's Wrong-Headed, Amateur-Hour Assault on Superman

There are as many reasons to attack Superman as there are random slivers of kryptonite inexplicably peppering our fair planet. There's that name, for one. Translated into modern vernacular, the world's most famous superhero is, quite simply, Sweetbro. Or possibly Epicdude. There's the fact that he's simply the best… »6/18/13 1:02pm6/18/13 1:02pm